8 of the Best American Small Towns for Foodies


Love when foodies get press – especially the artisans making sure fantastic food-gasms are experienced in towns large AND small. For Idahoans – at least one of these ‘best american small towns’ is just a short drive away..

AND a familiar face is getting some recognition for putting it on the small town foodie map…

“Andrae Bopp is a French Culinary Institute-trained chef who did stints in New York City and Boise before moving to Walla Walla and starting an upscale food truck called Andrae’s Kitchen. You can call, email, text or tweet to trace his curbside creations. On weekends, his mobile kitchen can be found in one of the wineries in town, of which the valley has over a hundred. If you are into those hush-hush dinners (read underground dinners), where everything from the venue to the menu is kept secret till the final hour, you may want to check out Andrae’s la porte brune but keep in mind, you didn’t hear it from me.”

Besides Walla Walla - 7 more small town foodie havens made the list.

(I miss you Andrae!)

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