Fall Harvest: Bountiful Basil

Every year we put in a garden. And every year, the bounty is a tad lopsided.

This year, we grew the heck out of basil. 

The Italian side of me was thrilled, especially since I’d just returned from a trip to the motherland with a recipe for Pesto alla Genovese from the hills above Cinque Terre.

While it is delicious fresh slathered on a crusty piece of bread, or tossed with pasta, it also freezes well for that fresh pesto vibe in the middle of winter. 20141018-045855 pm-61135293.jpg


- 100g (5 cups) basil – leaves washed and dried

- 50g (3.5 TBL) Parmesan or Pecorino cheese

- 30g (2 TBL) pine nuts or walnuts

- 1/2 cup olive oil (good quality)

- clove of garlic

- salt to taste

Put all ingredients in a mixer, blend to a smooth cream. Serve immediately OR pour into freezer-safe container, top with thin film of olive oil and freeze. To defrost, chop and mash with spoon and add in extra virgin olive oil.

Buon appetito!

20141018-050547 pm-61547962.jpg

20141018-050546 pm-61546080.jpg

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