A Kitchen Must-Have

Been told by the friendly folk at A'Tavola (http://www.atavolaboise.com/) that this is the BEST sea salt.It's the magic ingredient that elevated some basic butter on bread that I tried here to something drool-worthy.Can't wait to give it a try.What … [Continue reading]

Tres bien Janjou Patisserie!

After tantalizing me with its sleek white lines and empty cases promising French pastry nom-ness for months, Janjou Patisserie is open! (www.janjou.com) I had to make a Saturday morning pilgrimage down to 17th & State (next to the Moxie) to sink … [Continue reading]

Bring on the DIY

Can't wait to break this bad boy open and whip up some homemade Sriracha and Horchata (& Feta & graham crackers & cultured butter aaaaaand the list goes on) … [Continue reading]

Meat Monger in the ‘hood

Recently did a double-take as I drove home up Americana Boulevard and passed the former home of Reel Foods (the fish monger's over on Capitol in a sweet new location) under the Connector overpass and across from the skate park.What did my eyes spy in … [Continue reading]

Whole Foods Boise | Hope Beyond the Honeymoon

I hope this is not a honeymoon kinda thing. That the focus on local will continue beyond opening.My hope as Whole Foods enters the Boise market is that it everyone steps up their game.As consumers, we become more aware of Idaho options and the local … [Continue reading]

Put A Bird On It @ the Bleu’

Gotta love when the official food reviewers give a forks up to one of your new favorites.The Statesman's recent Dining Out writeup went off with the alliteration on the buzzworthy Bleubird - and it was not without reason.This. Place. Is. A. Gem.And … [Continue reading]

Fantastic Foodie Experience at Boise’s Fuel for the Soul

One of my favorite foodie experiences during my Argentine sojourn was the Puertas Cerradas - or 'Closed Door Dining.' Essentially, it's a hidden restaurant run out of someone's home. Less than a dozen diners gather in someone's living … [Continue reading]

Favorite Mangia Moments: Idaho Foodie in Argentina

Two weeks back from a 6-week trip of a lifetime in Argentina, and my stomach is still in recovery. From eating two large meals a day, from spending a minimum of two hours at lunch and three at dinner, from courses that were meals in themselves, from … [Continue reading]

The Gringo Viejo: Idaho Foodie in Argentina

While we have had fantastic lunches and dinners at restaurants across Argentina, one of my favorite out-of-home dining experiences was at the enchanting El Gringo Viejo, Restaurante Rural in Coronel Suarez.Now, in Argentina gringo means something a … [Continue reading]

Fiesta in the Bakery: Idaho Foodie in Argentina

I've been drooling over all of the quaint panaderias (bakeries) that are prevalent on every block across Argentina.During our brief stay in the coastal town of General Madariaga (The Gaucho City) we got to experience a family birthday party in the … [Continue reading]