Blame Canada…for this delicious bacon! #Charcutepalooza

Pretty stoked about how my homemade Canadian Bacon turned out for the April Charcutepalooza challenge.


Sooooo delicious fresh out of our grill which we jerry-rigged to be a smoker. A few days in a savory brine and the pork loin (which I swore looked like a freaky turkey neck when raw) finished its journey to Canadian bacon by hot smoking it with applewood chips.


Feel like we’re on a roll with the Charcutepalooza challenges now. March’s Corned beef would have satisfied any Irish lad.

And this month’s Canadian Bacon is just screaming “Pour some Hollandaise on me!” Consider that request answered – but not until this Saturday.

That’s because April 16 is National Eggs Benedict Day. Why thank you culinary godmother!

So while the bacon is done in time to meet the Charcutepalooza challenge, I’m going to wait and fully celebrate NEBD by whipping up some homemade English Muffins, piling up the Canadian Bacon and slathering on the nectar of the brunch gods.

New Kids On The (Idaho Street) Block

I may not be one of those folks who buys first generation gadgets (except for the iPad – my one eager-tech-buyer exception) but I am one of those foodies who likes to try out a new destination within a week of it opening. 

Sometimes I’m disappointed – the kinks are still be worked out – but I understand and return a few weeks later. But sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised.

Case in point – the new Fork Restaurant in Downtown Boise.
Owner Cameron Lumsden did a fantastic job warming up the historic space on the main floor of the newly renovated 805 Idaho Building. Warm woods, bright light and native stone throughout.

But – we’re here for the food. And while Fork describes it’s culinary approach as Fork blends fresh flavors from throughout the Northwest to create an Americana dining experience that is both surprising and comforting.  Whenever possible, we follow the ‘Farm to Fork’approach that includes sourcing farm-fresh ingredients locally, then preparing them in such a way as to enhance, but never cover, their natural qualities.”

I’d affectionately say it reminded me of – comfort food elevated with a homegrown hook
My colleagues & I hit Fork up for lunch – where the Chicken Pot Pie was the most popular on a dreary blustery day.
Though there as a bacon & mozzarella and adult grilled cheese tempting me, I chose the roasted butternut squash ravioli. Both nom-worthy choices.
But the winner of the meal roulette was Gloria who ordered the Urban Burger topped with sweet n spicy bacon. I’m a sucker for presentation and the butcher block platter and copper cup o’fries was a great touch.
Then there was dessert.
What can I say – a half-dozen fairly original choices from Fork Beer Float to Warm Butter Cake to S’mores and these warm sugar donuts made me drool. I can really appreciate a joint that takes the art of dessert seriously.
Also – some great service for a soft-launch week and well-priced lunch options.
All in all I’m looking forward to a trip back – for adult grilled cheese, a skinny cocktail, and a few more desserts ;-)

I’m also looking forward to the expansion of John Berryhill’s foodie empire just up the street. Kudos to Boise Weekly for getting the scoop on John’s Plan B “a small, after dinner, after work bar…” with leather couches and finer scotches and his concept Bacon, “serving a selection of dine-in or to-go salads, sandwiches, paninis, soups and Italian strata. There will also, of course, be bacon. We’ll have probably eight to 10 different kinds of bacon … we’ll have turkey bacon, Berryhill bacon, kurobuta bacon, we’ll probably do some game bacon, tempeh bacon … we’ll have candied bacon, we’ll do bacon crumbles … you can put it on ice cream or if you want to put it in your latte—everything will come with bacon as an add-on.”  Read more

 Scotch in one part of the building, up to 10 types of bacon in another? I may never leave Idaho Street.

Perfect Welcome to Fall Meal

There are certain aromas – particularly from the kitchen – that always bring back memories and evoke seasons. I don’t have it often, but chili does it for me every time.

Nothing better to end a fall day than a cup of homemade chili (veggies from the still producing garden, local ground beef, steak and BACON of course :-) with a pint of my brother in law’s delightfully chewy microbrew stout.


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