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Just realized our whole dinner comes courtesy our Idaho’s Bounty pickup this week. Love when the foodie stars align! – Spinach spaghetti from Serenity’s Pasta
- Sauce – combo of Nona’s Vodka Sauce (made with Idaho Vodka!), – Parrott Family Farm’s hot Italian pork sausage – Fair Mountain Farm’s Walla Walla Sweets
- and a Barlett pair to top it off

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Idaho’s Bounty Bounty


If you haven’t explored the deliciousness that is the spread from Idaho’s Bounty – take a break from your morning routine and head over to

Essentially – an online statewide producer network focused on supporting our local economies, our local food system, our health, our environment and our farmer neighbors.
Their marketing speak?
Imagine being able to purchase local organic and / or all-natural producer of all kinds: greens, cheese, chicken, beef, lamb, bacon, ham, sausage, eggs, melons, wine and more from the convenience of your own computer.
Imagine knowing where your food comes from, who is producing it, and what their ethics and farming practices are.
Imagine the tasting the sun-ripened freshness of geothermal greenhouse-grown Idaho greens in December.
Imagine working in support of the health of your local community foodshed where energy stays local and supports our rural economy.

Sounds good to me!
The market ‘opens’ every other week on Thursday morning with a list of various categories of foods available from producers across the state. As you can see from my last bounty – everything from whole wheat pizza crust to buffalo burger, halloumi cheese (Ballard!) to mango peaches are available. We’ve also enjoyed elk sausages, pear chutney, organic eggs, lamb kebobs, year-round fresh greens, squash of every variety and homemade pastas over the past year.

Admittedly, the plethora of outdoor farmers markets in the summer has meant I didn’t order as frequently from Idaho’s Bounty. But as the fall and winter approaches I’ll most likely be ordering every other week when they are open.

While there is home delivery in the Ketchum area, Idaho’s Bounty has Boise pickup (Wednesday nights) at their new warehouse location on Franklin. I made a commitment to try and have at least one local element in every dinner we create – and Idaho’s Bounty has helped me do that year round. If you like knowing where your food comes from and the people behind it – they do a fantastic job with sharing the stories of who is bringing the food to our tables. Check out the producers, their products and their practices here

Happy Locavoring!