Best mac n cheese in the West

I am going to share a little secret.

Like some anglers who share the location of their favorite fishing holes or dippers who share their secret hot springs spots – when I make an awesome foodie find I like to share the love.

Best mac n cheese in the Western US in my esteemed opinion :-) is at Como’s Corner Bistro on SE 1st and SE Court in downtown Pendleton, Oregon.


Como’s Gourmet Macaroni and Cheese: Cavatappi pasta baked with mozzarella , feta, gorgonzola, and parmesan cheeses, spinach, onions and artichokes. Must be the combo of cheeses or the spiral pasta or the added herbs but this stuff is one of the few meals I dream about days ahead of time.

Now, I eat a LOT of mac n cheese – it’s my thing, so to speak. If restaurants put it on the menu – let alone call it gourmet – I feel it’s my duty to give it a try.

We first stumbled on Como’s 7 years ago en route from Boise to Portland or Seattle or Spokane. In other words – Pendleton is on the way to quite a few places. I also had an Italian great uncle named Como back in Queens so it had the family thing going.

It’s now become a stop for us on every roadtrip we take West of Boise. Besides the fantastical cheesy goodness that is their M&C, the tiny bistro also has some seriously good Italian dishes made from scratch – EVERYTHING is delicious. I only know because Kevin tries out the other entrees like spinach ravioli in cream sauce with spicy Italian sausage, while I enhale M&C.

Make it a stop on your next journey West on I84!

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We need Idaho Foodspotters! #dailydistraction

Thanks to Chad Biggs at the office for this link

Just learned about Foodspotting
In a nutshell, sharing the dishes you love, not just the locales.
“Foodspotters earn recognition for sharing foods they love enabling foodseekers to find whatever they’re craving and see what’s good wherever they go.  Foodspotting is a visual local guide that lets you find dishes instead of just restaurants. It’s powered by Foodspotters, who can share their food photos and expertise while building a rich collection of foods and where to find them.”

Really love that you can ‘like’ or ‘approve’ of a particular post and it’s called a ‘Nom’
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