My So-Called Italian Life

Being a half-n-half – 50%Irish 50%Italian – I tout certain things from each heritage.

The stouts, whiskey, alcohol tolerance and symbology (nothing like a Celtic tattoo!) of my Irish heritage.

And the fantastic food and cooking intuition of my Italian side.

Heck – when my Irish side is celebrating they go to the Italians for the good spread!


So being with family in Queens and digging into a spread that included Ensalata Caprese, Eggplant Rollatini, Chicken Marsala, Baked Ziti and freakin amazing meatballs made my month.

Add in the fact that I also got to check off pretty much everything on my NYC foodie wants list…
- Bagels (I swear it’s the water)
- Fresh mozzarella (muzz!)
- Chicken cutlet sandwich
- Cannoli
- Pizza
…and this whirlwind four-day trip to the Big Apple has me thinking yet again about opening a true NY deli in good ol Boise.

We need Idaho Foodspotters! #dailydistraction

Thanks to Chad Biggs at the office for this link

Just learned about Foodspotting
In a nutshell, sharing the dishes you love, not just the locales.
“Foodspotters earn recognition for sharing foods they love enabling foodseekers to find whatever they’re craving and see what’s good wherever they go.  Foodspotting is a visual local guide that lets you find dishes instead of just restaurants. It’s powered by Foodspotters, who can share their food photos and expertise while building a rich collection of foods and where to find them.”

Really love that you can ‘like’ or ‘approve’ of a particular post and it’s called a ‘Nom’
So, Nom nom nom
I. Want. To. Go. Here.