Boise’s Best Breakfasts

Apparently, I talk about food alot. Both in person and online. It’s one of the reasons I started this blog for myself and other foodies to post our food thoughts (and fantasies I guess!)

When I first started on Twitter I sent a lot of tweets about favorite meals, stops, recipes and it got noticed by Julie Gallaher of ThingsYouShouldDo – she asked me to guest author a piece about food in Boise.

My first blog post was Best Boise Breakfasts Now that I’ve started my own foodie worship site thought it might be worth sharing the breakfast love again.

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(Since I wrote this I’ve fallen in love with the sweet & spicy Bristol Bacon cooked up by Chef Dustin Bristol at Brick 29 in Nampa. So that gets added as ‘Guilty Pleasure’ Breakfast item.) Here is the start of the post… take the jump and see if you agree, disagree or having something that I may have left out!

Lately, I’ve been focused on breakfast – the meal that starts off your day on the right, or wrong, foot. There are a slew of great breakfast spots in Boise as any native will tell you. But if you felt like doing a tour of breakfast locales while in town, or embarking on a progressive breakfast across town – here are my recommendations of the must-stops…

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