I prefer ‘intuitive chef’ to hodge podge cook

Celebrating a bit of foodie glee tonight thumbing through my newest issue of Food&Wine – the bible-sized Holiday Recipes issue.

As if that wasn’t enough to make me giddy and salivate, it also includes a fantastic gastro-journey by Daniel Duane on ‘How to Become an Intuitive Chef.’

As the granddaughter of a fantastic Italian goddes of the kitchen whose recipes she passed down are merely a list of ingredients – no measurements and no order – with lots of ‘season to taste’ references, I dig the ‘intuitive’ aspect of cooking.

My better half and I often have our own Iron Chef nights (or better yet, what’s in the fridge and pantry that we can throw together?)

I’ve often looked down upon these cooking nights as our ‘hodge podge’ meals – but the reality is they’ve taught me more about flavor and textures and the symphony of ingredients than any recipe-driven meal.

So to those wanna be intuitive chefs – 5 great steps from Daniel Duane and the always inspirig Thomas Keller.


(Keller also shared Ad Hoc’s famous Buttermilk Fried Chicken recipe which I am dying to try!! If you know the dish I’m referencing and want the info let me know!)

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