Fresh from the garden…onto the grill

Though I’ve lamented the weak production of our backyard veggie garden – I’m pretty proud of this week’s bounty (& what we turned it into!)


In our grill basket – tomatoes, garlic, onions (& eventually basil) all from our garden.

The various detailed recipes for Fire-roasted tomato soup had me torn, so I went with my gut on this one.

Toss them in olive oil, dash of sea salt and fresh ground pepper then onto the grill at 400 for about 25 minutes (until they get some nice char)

Afterwards it was into the food processor for 5 minutes to turn roasted whole goodness into roasted soup.

Some recipes called for heavy cream or chicken stock but we kept it vegan :-)

18lbs of peaches are headed my way from the awesome Kelley Farms. This gal can’t wait to get canning! And I also can wait to be inspired by all I’ll see and devour at this weekend’s Sun Valley Harvest Fest. I’ll be a food blogging fool so get ready for some fast and furious foodisms. (More info:

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