When the Wandering Table Wanders Into Boise

Spread the word…discreetly

Now, who doesn’t love getting a first bite of something. Especially when it’s served via a discreet pop-up dining experience for an intimate table of 20?

Those four words enticed me. The creativity, wit a whimsy of the chef inspired me. And I find myself sending foodie vibes to the universe that The Wandering Table wanders back through Boise again.

So what is it?

This is about passion. We have an insatiable appetite for cooking and creating food. We love what we do and is something we enjoy sharing with other people. This is our anti-restaurant. This is our way of cooking what we want to cook. This is how we share the food we love to eat. This is a chance to taste a meal prepared from the seasons. There is a reason that all great chefs of the world use seasonal, local ingredients. Where can you gather more inspiration, when you get a tomato, still warm from the sun, or from the farmer you work with, or from a day of foraging for mushrooms. There is in inherent appreciation of great products that makes my job so much better. I go out of my way to seek the best products, and to honor those who grew them by doing my best at serving them to people in way that makes food memorable. This is how we create great experiences, traditions, and communities. This wandering table is making stops in various locations from airport hangers to barns to vineyards, and everywhere in between. Our menus are created and meant to reflect the best  of the season. We’ve created one of the most interesting and unique dining experiences in the Northwest and you’re invited.

When it landed in Boise – here’s what Chef Adam Hegsted served up.


With a menu like that – every course was a visual and brain-tantalizing feast. But here were my favs

Cucumber Tasting – featuring pickled, dried, sorbet, smoked and sauce


Egg Yolk Caviar – featuring asparagus, parmesan, yolk vinny


Herb Waffles – with chicken fried morels and pine syrup


Wild Steelhead Tartar with crispy skin, radish, first grass and river sand (the most delicious I’ve ever had :-)


And this photo doesn’t do the dessert justice – Chocolate Textures – crispy, cold, dry, hot, firm


Bravo to Chef and his team and David Hale and IPTV for bringing the Wandering Table through Boise. 


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