Gnocchi Part II

For gnocchi part II – a look at the end result
Have to admit my gnocchi didn’t turn out as ‘fluffy pillows of goodness’ (as I like to refer to really rockin’ gnocchi as). But – topped with some nummy balsamic brown butter sage sauce they were substantial yet delicious. Heck – putting brown butter anything ON anything makes it taste awesome. I’m wondering if they held their shape – and their firmness – due to the lack of potato. Previous butternut squash gnocchi I’ve made has included some aspect of potatoes. These – just flour to bring it to a dough consistency. I have no problem continuing on my quest to make the perfect gnocchi.

Here’s the recipe courtesy Emeril & Food Network…

On the side is some of the chicken apple sausage from the Capital City Market vendor I affectionately call ‘Sausage Man’, and a refreshing Guacamole Salad from the Barefoot Contessa At Home cookbook


- Jess


  1. Robin Rausch says:

    My first thought – considering your true love – is why not add bacon to the gnocchi? Seems like it would need some good ole’ fat to help the base flavor.

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