Oh Gino, how I’ve missed you…

I’m sorry that my Boise snobbery kept me away for so long… But I’m so glad I finally got over it and made the trek to your not-so-new home on McMillan in Meridian.


You’ve been my favorite Southern Italian foodie stop in the West since my family moved to Boise in the mid-90′s and my Gramma Angie (aka ‘Tootsie’) gave your food her blessing. If Tootsie from Astoria, Queens said your food is legit and of the old country, count me as a believer.

So thanks for the trip down memory lane, for serving up meatballs just like Gramma’s, for employing a staff who treat you like family, for making me swoon with pillowy gnocchi goodness.

Just goes to show – yet again – that the address doesn’t matter, it’s the soul and spirit inside the kitchen that makes a meal memorable.


  1. bowmangela says:

    Gino is a stand-up guy. And his gnocchi is my favorite dish. And he’s in my neighborhood now :)

  2. Anonymous says:

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