Whole Foods Boise | Hope Beyond the Honeymoon

I hope this is not a honeymoon kinda thing. That the focus on local will continue beyond opening.

My hope as Whole Foods enters the Boise market is that it everyone steps up their game.

As consumers, we become more aware of Idaho options and the local producers who live|create|bake|cook|grow|harvest among us.

As retailers, there is a growing awareness of food as an experience, shopping enhanced by art and creativity.

As business owners, that extra incentive to continually reassess and deliver what consumers want. 

I’ve known of Whole Foods since my time living and going to school in Austin, Texas. As a foodie, I’ve always been intrigued by their approach. As a communicator, I’ve been impressed by their community outreach and local emphasis as they entered the Boise market.

With my foodie hat on, I participated in a sneak peek tour prior to today’s opening and loved seeing all the call outs and focus on local producers. Whole Foods follows the USDA guidelines of local – within 400 miles.

There are other local producer options out there that I have and will continue to patronize – TheBoise CoopIdaho’s Bounty, and the Capital City Public Market. I’m adding Whole Foods to the list. 


(Disclosure: I signed up for the Whole Foods free Sneak Peek tour pre-opening and spent an hour exploring the store and sampling some of the local food offerings. I also posted photos to Instagram for a Whole Foods sponsored contest. At no time did anyone direct me to say/post/write certain opinions. For transparency, I tagged all my tweets and photos with #sponsor to indicate that participation.)



  1. Great job, Jess. This is a water-cooler topic in Boise this month! I saw the Washington D.C. Whole Foods markets a great deal this summer and think they are perfect fit as long as they don’t cause a zero sum gain for this retail space.

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