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“When you put as many things in your mouth as I have…”

And so began a great night at Brewforia’s new retail store on Milwaukee. Fab location for men/women who are dragged to mall land by their significant others over the holiday madness. Escape to Brewoforia for a comfy seat and a brew

That oh-so-appropriate quote? Courtesy Chef Ryan Hembrey of Life’s Kitchen – trying to explain why he was able to pair so well/quickly with the beer selection. He and Chef Maggie Kiefer did a great job feeding the 40+ beer lovers.

1st Course
Beer: Festina Peche – a neo-Berliner Weisse fermented w/peach juice Food: Lemongrass infused broth with a shrimp dumpling (yum broth)

2nd Course
Sahti/SahTea – 9th Century Finnish proto-beer. Carmalize beer around rocks and run thru juniper leaves? Heck yes! Then add black chai tea?
Um, that too! A twist on the old recipes – Dogfish allegedly owns the oldest known beer recipe (who knew)
Food: Interesting to pair (Chef’s fav!) Savory pumpkin and habanero curry fritter – served room temp to not overpower the beer. Sauced w/corriander mint chutney yogurt.
This was by far my favorite pairing of the night – and the beer I cage-fought to take home with me!

3rd Course
Beer: Raison D’etre ‘The reason for being’ Belgian style strong ale brewed with beet sugar and green raisin and a sense of purpose (nice label touch!)
Food: Paired w/duck canape w/duck crackling (cracklings – hells yeah!) atop a disc of goat cheese with dried cherries

4th Course
Beer: The Red and White Belgian style witt aged in pinot noir casks
Pinot noir juice concentrate added to it.
Beer + pinot noir? Fantastic!
Food: Black Canyon Elk Farms elk braised in pinot noir and soaked in duck stock and topped w/Blueberry catsup. (I believe I need a bottle of this variety of catsup. Word has it we can find it @ Capitol City Market)

5th Course
Beer: Fort made w/a ton (literally)of fresh raspberries. A dry beer. Actually, it’s a malt liquor not a beer. 18 percent – allegedly best drunk in a hot tub w/Barry White
Food: Chili pepper stuffed w/Raspberry marscopone cream and dipped in dark chocolate

And then – filled with beer and food and hop-filled conversation – a bit of retail therapy

Cheers – Salut – to Brewforia for a great night in their new space!

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