My So-Called Italian Life

Being a half-n-half – 50%Irish 50%Italian – I tout certain things from each heritage.

The stouts, whiskey, alcohol tolerance and symbology (nothing like a Celtic tattoo!) of my Irish heritage.

And the fantastic food and cooking intuition of my Italian side.

Heck – when my Irish side is celebrating they go to the Italians for the good spread!


So being with family in Queens and digging into a spread that included Ensalata Caprese, Eggplant Rollatini, Chicken Marsala, Baked Ziti and freakin amazing meatballs made my month.

Add in the fact that I also got to check off pretty much everything on my NYC foodie wants list…
- Bagels (I swear it’s the water)
- Fresh mozzarella (muzz!)
- Chicken cutlet sandwich
- Cannoli
- Pizza
…and this whirlwind four-day trip to the Big Apple has me thinking yet again about opening a true NY deli in good ol Boise.