“I Must Increase My Crust” – Pie Fries!

Another reason – among many others – to head to Seattle…

I’ve never met Seattle piemaker Dani Cone of High 5 Pie, but I already know he is a genius for coming up with this concept for pie scraps.

“The concept is simple behind these pie fries: simply put your pie scraps on a baking sheet, slice them into fry-sized pieces, brush with butter, cinnamon and sugar, and bake until crispy. Want extra cute points? Put ‘em in pillow boxes (available at most craft supply stores) or paper cones and serve with jam for dipping.”

Um, heck yeah! Nom Nom Nom!

I also am now in love with Seattle-based writer Jessie Oleson, self-professed cake anthropologist and the brains behind award-winning dessert website Cakespy and the harbinger of the Pie Fries. First off – love that title. And secondly, of all the things to be ‘award-winning’ at having the honor come for your dessert website just plain rocks.