Red Feather’s Drink Journey Menu IMG00128.jpg


I must have been unobservant in the past – or maybe the new layout of the Beverage Menu just emphasized its local personality more.
Nonetheless – really love Red Feather/Bittercreek’s Beverage Menu: A Compostable Guide to wine, beer, spirits and cocktails.
In essence – all the beverage options are organized and showcased by their distance to Boise. On the other side of the price is the ‘Miles traveled to your table.’
Love it!!
As the owners explain on the menu masthead – ‘ In the spirit of local thinking we have chosen to organize our wine and beer offerings by their proximity to our Boise home. We hope this inspires you to consider local options as much as possible…and in the event that you are frustrated instead of inspired, please feel free to ask your server for assistance in making a selection.’
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