A Must Mangia – Basque Market’s Sheepherders Breakfast

Maybe it was the post-party need for a great brunch, or the fabulous sun finally shining, or the general vibe that Boise is a fantastic place to call home. Or – it could have just been that the monthly Sheepherders Breakfast at the??Basque Market??is an awesome deal with great food that made today’s brunch one of my all-time favs.??

Served family-style, the plethora of food includes Basque potatoes,??egg pipparade, chorizos, sheepherders bread and churros (mmmmm, the??churros were??fantastically fried, gooey, crunchy and sugary delicious)

And, did I mention, bottomless Basque bloody marys or sangria blanco – all for $15? Best deal in town that also transports you to another locale while sitting comfortably in the midst of Boise’s Basque block.
Unfortunately, no photo of the best part of the meal – the sheepherders bread. But I’m determined to get my own dutch oven and bake some asap.
Found a few recipes for the bread – including this local one

And SAVE THE DATES for the next??Sheepherders Breakfast??- August 22, September 26, October 24, November 21, December 12
10am-1pm – first come first serve ($10/person, add $5 for bottomless drinks)

French Breakfast Radishes

Apparently, people in France eat radishes for breakfast. Those French, so clever! I was first introduced to French breakfast radishes at a restaurant in Portland a few years ago. They were served with a thick slab of butter and a dish of coarse salt for dipping, and that’s how I eat them today. French breakfast radishes don’t have the bite of regular radishes, and they are long and thinnish as opposed to fat little globes. That makes them perfect for slathering with delicious butter (I like plain old Darigold or Cloverleaf from Buhl) and snacking. They are available right now at the Boise Co-Op for about $1.79/bunch.

By the way, this isn’t a picture of my radishes. Radishes don’t last too long in the Hahn Household. Photo courtesy of blue-kitchen.com.

 - Julie Hahn


Friday lunch foodie bliss @BarGernika IMG00147.jpg


Nothing says happiness on a beautiful Friday in Boise like a patio lunch with your office feasting on Basque goodness – croquetas, grilled cheese on cheddar scallion bread and garlic soup.

I know that croq’s are made of butter, onion, chicken, flour and milk – but they will always be known to me as ‘Delicious Balls of Goodness’ and I’m committed to making them from scratch this winter.
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manchego + membrillo = delicious

I have been serving manchego and membrillo ever since I moved to Boise and could get a steady supply of the stuff (thanks, Boise Co-Op and the Basque Market!)

What? You’ve never heard of membrillo? You poor kid. You’re missing out.

The full name is dulce de membrillo, but all you have to know is that membrillo is quince fruit, water and sugar (and lemon and/or cinnamon, depending on what you buy) that has been slow cooked into a sugary, quivery mass of orangish-pinkish-reddish deliciousness. It is traditionally (and rightly) paired with manchego cheese from Spain. You can even make a little manchego-and-membrillo sandwich. Or four. It’s great for parties — put out a hunk of sweet membrillo, a chunk of nutty manchego, salty olives and good bread and you practically have a meal.

By the way — membrillo often isn’t super cheap, but a little goes a long way. And it lasts for a very long time when stored in the refrigerator.

- Julie


Cheese n Tomatoes Locavore-style IMG00025.jpg


Nothing better to break up a long work day then a dinner binge on fresh golden tomatoes pulled from the garden (plants courtesy Peaceful Belly) with freshly grilled Idaho Golden Greek Halloumi Cheese from Ballard Cheese. Hmmmmmm
Definitely think my next business will be an artisan cheese shop. What other food group makes people so happy?
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Boise’s Best Breakfasts

Apparently, I talk about food alot. Both in person and online. It’s one of the reasons I started this blog for myself and other foodies to post our food thoughts (and fantasies I guess!)

When I first started on Twitter I sent a lot of tweets about favorite meals, stops, recipes and it got noticed by Julie Gallaher of ThingsYouShouldDo – she asked me to guest author a piece about food in Boise.

My first blog post was Best Boise Breakfasts Now that I’ve started my own foodie worship site thought it might be worth sharing the breakfast love again.

See full size image

(Since I wrote this I’ve fallen in love with the sweet & spicy Bristol Bacon cooked up by Chef Dustin Bristol at Brick 29 in Nampa. So that gets added as ‘Guilty Pleasure’ Breakfast item.) Here is the start of the post… take the jump and see if you agree, disagree or having something that I may have left out!

Lately, I’ve been focused on breakfast – the meal that starts off your day on the right, or wrong, foot. There are a slew of great breakfast spots in Boise as any native will tell you. But if you felt like doing a tour of breakfast locales while in town, or embarking on a progressive breakfast across town – here are my recommendations of the must-stops…

The Usual IMG00390.jpg


Morning Foodie feast – The Usual @ Big City – piled high w/fruit and the secret spicy spread. Outside of scones the size of my dome, great way to start a Boise day.
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